That time

That time she needed me at 2 in the morning to find her lovey.
All of the times they fell and just needed comfort.
The times they are sick and you drop everything to take care of them, be with them.
All the homework time we put in with them.
All the stories we have read.
The countless times we taught them to say please and thank you.
That time she had the flu and you held her upright all night long so she would sleep.
That time he had the flu and we both stayed up all night in the hospital with him, watching him sleep.
How we both kiss them goodnight, one last time, one last tuck.
That time he had croup and we ran a bath and took him out into the cold, terrified of his breathing.
That time he wouldn't gain weight, and we worried and worried and worried about his size chart for a year.
That time neither of them would walk and we worried and worried and worried that they never would.
That time she was in a play and we were both there watching her shine.
That time she started Kindergarten and we made her feel so special.
All the traditions we started, memories that will keep us all warm for years and years to come.
The movies we have introduced them too.
The stories we have told of their childhood and how they glow listening to what life was like when they were too small.
All of the dinners.
The late night feedings and changes.
All the baths.
All of the things you are able to fix because "dad can fix everything".
That time I had the flu, and still had to be a mom.
The time you spend answering all of the questions.
The journal I kept while pregnant, so they would know every emotion I felt, while I held them from the inside.
All the zippers zipped, gloves put on, hats we have wrestled with.
All the laundry, all of the time.
All of the trips we have taken as a family.
All the hands we have held.
All the scrapes and falls we have kissed away.
All of the times I whisper to them in their sleep and the times we just watch them...because it is the equivalent of watching childhood and smallness all wrapped up in adorable.
All of the mess, all of the time, that my OCD has to take a back burner to.
All of the times I have cried for you, either in front of you or behind your back to protect you.
How you know where all of their things are, all of the time.
That time she threw up on you and you still held her.
All of the encouragement we give, how we always believe in them, and in their spirit.
All of the times outs, to teach consequences and the choices they make.
The times she stomps her way up the stairs and slams the door and I lived to tell the tale.
The time he lost his lovey and I turned two houses inside out looking, searching, desperate for the first gift I handed him when I held him for our first time.
All of the I love yous.
All of the different ways we have taught them an I love you.
We are superheroes.
We wear an invisible cape but who else can hold this much love for someone so small?
We are not just enough for our kids, we are all to them.
We, are superheroes.

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