The beginning

In the beginning,
we would talk for hours
and yes, I still find you interesting enough to stay up until 4am getting to know you all over again.

In the beginning,
we would hold hands everywhere
and yes, we still do.

In the beginning,
we were just two kids.
Starting out, starting new, starting over.
And yes, everyday is still a fresh start.

In the beginning,
we had very little to argue over
or fight about.
Life was simple, forgiveness was easy and we always found our way back.
And yes, we will always continue to, even if it's more complicated.

In the beginning,
it was just us three (because Mia was and is always a part of us).
Responsibilities were minimal,
life was always happy and carefree was so easy to find.
And yes, we are still happy.

In the beginning,
we would go to sleep touching toes
holding hands

finding our nooks.
And yes, we are still that close.

In the beginning,
we met surrounded by movie theater love.
From Blockbuster to our first date.
Movies in which he would run through an airport for her or
she would cry in the rain.
But, we found our own magic, even if it was filled with boring and everyday.
Even if it was filled with ordinary.
Because boring and ordinary were cozy and lovely and much more realistic.
Because boring and ordinary were love and home and family.
And yes, we still find our amazing in our ordinary.

In the beginning,
love, it fixed it all.
It fixed the broken, and the angry and the tired.
And yes, it still does.

In the beginning,
I found my person.
I found a friend, a strength a comfort.
I found happy and family and support.
I found something to believe in, a way to believe in myself.
I found that I am better with you and because of you.
I found them.
I found you.
And yes, I would do it all over again.

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