The compass

He just ran out to get Chinese.
I was having a bad day...a really bad day and I didn't want to make dinner.
The day was so bad that I had been crying most of it and my head hurt and was in this crying fog.
And he walks in, Chinese food in hand, just trying to make this day go away.
And I started to unpack the food.
That's when I saw the weird box, and thought it was so fancy to put in condiments.
And in he walks.
Shaking, smiling and crying.


Two kids were living in Rochester, getting ready for our move to Saratoga.
Two kids were trying to figure out their next chapter.
Jobs, and where to live, and how to leave family and friends that meant so much.
Two kids were ready to start on us and you, you asked me to be yours.

And, just like every part of us, this moment wasn't a romantic gesture that swept me off my feet.
It, like all of our moments, never had movie theater love.
It wasn't filled with plans or flowers.
It was filled with a kid who was nervous and a little shaky.
A kid who had just wanted to get the words out.

And after confusion of what was happening, yelling, and lots of crying...

You got down on one knee.
You told me how much you loved me.
And you asked me to be yours.

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Our love is a compass Cory. It's the only thing that leads us home. It's the only thing that makes sure we come back to each other.


I have come to understand how it isn't dramatic and each and every day isn't perfect, or even wonderful.
It's filled with too many have-tos and too many schedules and so many balls in the air.
But it's our perfect.
It's our home.
It's our wonderful.

Our love allows us to figure out parenting, together.
It allows us to hold on to the kids we were and transform into the people we are.
Our love holds so much time, so many memories.
It allows us to laugh and at the end of the day, make sure we are touching toes.
Our love is a compass.
And our compass will lead us home.

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And each year, on this day, we order Chinese.
I get a little misty eyed.
I ask you so many questions about what you were thinking and feeling all those years ago.
You always ask the same question, would you say yes again?

And our compass will lead us home.



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