The difference

Sweet girl, there is something I have to tell you.
There is something you need to know and something you really need to hear from me.
And it's hard to hear, it's hard to understand, and it's so hard to come to grips with.

But, the truth is, it's different.
There isn't equal footing.
Being a girl and making decisions as a woman, it is different.

Not better, not worse, but different and at times, yes, it's harder.

Relationships matter more.
Girlfriends mean more.
Family is defined by friends who know your story, and the world created for you, and the world you choose to create for yourself.

We feel things differently, deeper.
We cry harder.
We hurt more.
We carry more weight, it's heavier.

We are stronger, I can see it already.
We have more to balance.
We give things more meaning.

And decisions, we make some tough ones. And they come down to us, and down on us.
They are about what we want and what we need, at the time.
They carry so much weight, they make us crumble into puddles and they build who we become.

We say goodbye differently too.
Our hearts hurt...more.
We give more and we give up more.

Our bodies, they are incredible and they too are difficult.
Some have felt a child grow, some have carried heart beats.
Some can't, even though they want to.
Some won't, even though they can.
Some, all, will be judged by whatever they decide.
Some have run marathons.
Some hold disease.
Some, most, worry too much about what others think.
All are judged.
All are held to unrealistic expectations.
All, are judged.

We love, with all of us.
We protect what and who we love.
We hold the ones we love in this special place and just because they are out of sight, they are never out of mind.
Some love what and who they have never met, you'll understand some day.
We cry when those we love cry because it hurts us just as much when they hurt.

We are talked about more.
We are held to expectations that we can't meet.
We hurt each other, we talk too much about each other.
But, the stronger we are, the more confidence we hold, the more we build each other up, not tear each other down.

We carry secrets.
They belong to us.
They belong to others.
If we are doing this right, we are trusted by those that matter.
We hold their weight sometimes too.

I am not telling you any of this because I believe that being a woman is awful.
Actually, quite the opposite.
I am telling you this because I believe in us.
I believe in our differences.
I believe that we are strong.
I believe we are defined by our hearts.
And I believe that in our bodies, that are defined by numbers, and magazines, and makeup and outfits...
Lies a woman.
A strong and positive force.
I am telling you this because there is a difference.
And the difference is profound.
I believe that we are more than a number sweet girl.
I believe we are more than sugar and spice.
I believe that we should be defined as more than sweet.
I believe that we carry so much strength in us.
I believe in us.
I believe in all of us.
Just know, it's different.


  1. e says:

    It's so bittersweet that we most often notice, or are reminded of this 'difference', and individual differences during trying times. Seeing the silver lining isn't always easy, but I truly believe it's always there. Beautifully written. Thank you.

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