The Storm

When I'm in the middle of a storm, I feel the clouds getting darker and heavier with rain.
I can sense the wind picking up and garbage being flung around.
And all I have to count on is my reaction.
I can either get swept away or find stillness.
I get to pick.

I can try to find beauty in the storm, or even better, honor the beauty of the storm.
None of which should not be hard for me, a lover of rain and gray and storm clouds.

I can remember how much I love to watch a storm because it makes me feel like I'm allowed to hibernate.
I love to watch from my windows with something warm in my hands.
I love to feel protected in my house and snuggled as the storm rages on.
I love a quiet dog on my feet, snoring from the quiet day.
I love the protection I get from the walls of my home and I love the lazy day ahead of me.
I can choose to honor the beauty that the storm brings.

I can put on warmer clothes. I can sit on my couch. I can find that book. I can listen to the rain on my rooftop. I can have a fire lit, I can find a warmer blanket. I can write. I can work. I can be okay.

I'm there now.
I'm watching the clouds roll in and at first, I panicked. I became the little kid in my basement, scared, worried.
I threw a temper tantrum because I thought my roof was going to blow right off of my house.
I thought my foundation would crumble and the water would swallow us up.
But then I remembered, I love this weather.
I am okay and most importantly, there is nothing to be scared of.
I have already seen the worst the weather can bring and my house is always still standing.
The next day, I am still here.
I just need to protect myself from the strong winds and I know how to do that.
I have built a home strong enough to brace itself.
I'm okay.

I need to use my time wisely and embrace the hibernation.
I need to allow the rain to fall and fall hard and wash away.
I need to remember that the storm has power, but I'm going to pick honoring its beauty.

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