This is family

Show me big blue eyes.
and childhood smiles
and curls that fall all over.
Show me faces that look like dad
and minds that think and worry like mom.
Show me Sunday breakfast all piled around the table
and bike rides.
Show me mush, and crowded and together.


Show me holding hands
and so many hugs that you can't keep track
and laughter.
Show me no privacy
and a messy house to match that messy face.
Show me siblings that play and fight but can't keep away from each other.


Show me love,
touching toes when you sleep love.
Being close because you have to be love.
Hand in hand always, everyday


Show me frustration
and tantrums.
Show me yelling and testing and timeouts.
Show me meltdowns and tears.
Show me tempers and feet stomping.
Show me irrational behavior
and reactions
and screams and crying like you wouldn't believe.
But then show me faces that make your heart melt,
and grow
to twice its original size.

IMG_4723 IMG_6481

Show me warm and gentle good nights,
with so many snuggles while reading.
And so much love.
And so much quiet.
And saying goodbye to another long day.


Show me morning time
crazy and loud
and energy
and tired.
Show me a mom and dad who are exhausted.
Run down
Show me how they continue to get up
start the day with a smile and hope for the best.

IMG_1827 IMG_2136

Show me so much hard work.
Not sure if it's worth it work.
Not sure if it's ever going to be worth it work.
(But knowing it will be)


Show me parents who are scared.
Unsure of their decisions.
Always questioning if they are making the right choice,
fighting the right fight,
letting enough go to not always be fighting
but saying enough to make you understand.


This, is family.
This defines family.
In every way at all times.
The ups the downs.
The tired, the loud, the yelling, the love.
This defines family.
Trying, struggling, happy, scared, unsure
in love.

This, is family.

We're not alone
because we are always hand in hand.
This, is family.

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