We created

We created two little faces.
Two little hands we get to hold.
Two little noses we get to kiss.


We created two little beings.
Two souls that we get to help raise.
Two hearts that we have to fill with love and respect.

We created two siblings.
Two best friends.
Two people that will conspire against us.

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2013-02-12 18.10.23

We created their sorrow, their tears.
Two different minds.
Two ways to handle a situation.

We created their faces.
Two honest and amazing eyes that light up when they smile.
Two smiles that melt hearts.


We create what they think of themselves and how they see the world.
But, we only are allowed to take it so far.
There will come a day, too close to our future, that the choices are theirs.
The decisions they make, we support.
They drive their future.
They start their families.
They move.
They move far.
They move even farther.
They build their lives.
They build their surrounding.
They build their families.
They build their careers.
They build their loves.
We get to watch.
We get to hear.
We get to remember what it was like when.
When we kissed the hurt.
When they couldn't wait to tell us about their days.
When the hugs would be strong in the morning because they missed us while they slept.
When the smooches were sweet.
When we had family movie night.
When we went for family walks.
When you wanted to sit on our laps.
When you wanted to sing us a song.
When only a hug from us would make the crying stop.
We get to remember what we created and watch you from where we are.
We will love, forever love, what we created.


  1. […] We create... A house turned home. We create childhood, even when tempers and exhaustion silence the joy, we create their childhood. We create a house full of noise and sounds and feet that run. We create talkers that stand up for themselves, that tell you how they expect to be treated, even in their infancy. We create family and all that comes with it...the good, the bad, the love, the anger, the feeling so lonely and so full. We create heartache, and heartfelt moments. We create moments period. The ones that are so beautiful that I promise you will want to bottle them up. We create memories that I store like a picture album in my mind, click. We create plans, that don't turn out at all like we anticipated. We create family we get to pick for ourselves. We create love and more love on top of love. We create hand holding and kissing noses and little faces feeling safe and connected. We create family connection and traditions and routines. We create family, wonderful, scary, exhausting, joyous family. […]

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