What I need our Anna to know

Dear Anna,
There are so many things I want to tell you, about love, about life, about parenting, about jobs, about careers, about people, about being a girl and being a woman, about finding yourself and your balance. There is so much I want to tell you about what you have changed in me and about me. You have given me the most amazing gift, you made me a mom to a little girl and I don't know where to begin or end so I will just...

- Love your life, if you don't, change your life.
- Don't just wish it, work hard for it.
- You will stumble, don't mistake it for a fall.
- Challenge yourself.
- Trust yourself.
- Get up, keep trying, if you want it, you have to go get it.
- If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it, wear it or say it.
- Make sure your first kiss is special.
- You will love again.
- Time does heal pain.
- Your last first kiss will be amazing. Trust me on this.
- The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.
- Don't forget Italian.
- Go away to college.
- Cole will be your best friend and partner.
- Be each other's protection.
- Be kind.
- Be loving.
- Be gentle.
- People don't just see you smile, they can hear it too.
- And please do smile, it makes your face glow.
- Listen with your eyes.
- Wear your emotions on the outside of your body.
- You are beautiful, no matter what you look like.
- You made me feel beautiful, and that means a lot.
- I am learning a lot from you.
- Watch how your dad treats you and me, that's what you deserve and that's who you go out there and find.
- Your dad is the first man that fell in love with you, love at first sight kind of love.
- Your dad will be the one to teach you about history, and maps, and how to get places, and...
- I work a lot. That's okay because just because I love my work doesn't mean I don't have room in my heart for my family. You all always come first. Always.
- I don't like to shop. I promise to have you go with anyone else.
- Surround yourself with happy people that enjoy their life.
- Be a good friend.
- Find friends that make you laugh, with your whole body.
- Find your person and work at your relationship.
- You are smart and capable - so don't waste that.
- Work towards your goals.
- Education is important.
- Friends are important.
- Family is important.
- Fun is important.
- Work is important.
- It's all important.
- Own a pet (preferably a dog).
- Volunteer and donate - make a difference in this world.
- Make others feel special because they are.
- Be okay with being comfortable, with yourself, your ideas, in your skin.
- Passion goes from a flame to a flicker of light but love starts as a spark and grows into an amazing warm fire.
- Hold hands with those you love.
- You will make mistakes.
- You will change, but don't lose sight of who you are.
- Keep dancing.
- Be active.
- Your body is strong and capable so treat your body well and be healthy.
- Eat well and love your food. Don't eat to live, live to eat!
- Cook a lot of your food at home...find a passion in it.
- Be kind and forgiving, to yourself.
- Wear cozy socks, they make your feet smile.
- Take hot showers, they make your skin smile.
- Have a happy childhood, everyday of your life.
- Feel the weight of a child, on your skin, on your back, wrapped around you.
- If you decide to be a mom, you will be really great at it.
- Childbirth hurts...a lot. No, seriously, a lot.
- If you have children or not, remember that kids have a power in them that needs to be lighted and we are all responsible for building them up.
- All moms are amazing...period.
- It's okay to be scared, but don't let it frighten you away.
- It's okay to be cautious, but don't over think it.
- It's okay to be deliberate, but don't let it paralyze you.
- Don't let life stop you from living.
- Love your work, it won't feel like work if you do.
- Don't be mean. Ever. I am serious.
- When you fight, don't use name calling. It draws attention away from your point and you have a point so stick to it.
- Never forget to laugh.
- If you are drawing attention to yourself based only on what you are wearing, you are drawing the wrong kind of attention.
- Have fun in your 20s...and 30s...and all the way up to your 90s.
- Make retirement plans.
- Read... a lot.
- Listen to music as often as you can.
- Watch movies and eat popcorn - it's an amazing way to get lost.
- Whatever your family looks like and however you define it, have a weekly family night with them.
- Life is hard.
- Life is simple.
- Life is glorious.
- Try to forgive and really, really let it go.
- You will cry, allow for this time.
- You will be sad, allow for this time.
- You will mourn, allow for this time.
- You will heal, always.
- People will inspire you or drain you - pick them wisely.
- Nothing you tell us ever, will make us turn away from you.
- I will always be on your side...always.
- Nothing could make me love you less or more.
- Home is defined not by bricks, but by the love you create inside the walls.
- Your name means grace and gracious, you are both.
- Getting married has to mean marrying your best friend. It's not worth it any other way.
- You will be successful only if you are happy. Always strive for happy. Always.
- Having the life I created, and getting to be a mom to you and Cole (and Mia) is how I define success.
- We need each other because we are family and depend on that love.
- Know that we are here.
- But also know that you won't always need us.
- Know that we will always love each other.
- Know that we tried with you.
- We love you.
- We wanted you.
- We tried our best.
- We made mistakes, but we loved.

A day will come when I am not with you. I will not be whispering in your ear to go, and be, and achieve. I will not be telling you to conquer the world and to be a loving, gentle, kind soul. A day will come when you will be off on your own. I don't know where you will settle and I don't know if you will settle or just travel everywhere. But, at least I have today. I have this time, these words, this moment to teach and preach. At least I had you and I got to hold you and wake up to years of hugs from you. I got to hear, "I missed you mommy" in the morning, just because we spent time apart while sleeping. I still get to kiss noses with you and tell you that I love you over and over, a lottle. I get to tuck you in, I get to smooch you, and snuggle with you, and chase you, and tickle you, and watch cartoons with you. I get to watch you grow into this person. This spirited, amazing person that can't and won't be stopped. I got to be your mom and I am thankful for every moment, every breath, every part.

I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. So where ever you are my Anna, I'll be, we'll never be apart.

Love, Mom


  1. Coach says:

    Mom will teach you about budgets and saving money.

  2. patience says:

    beautiful words from a mother to a daughter. 😀

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