What if love fixes it all

Another week gone by, and another long one at that. Another week of tantrums and baby cries and screams and fights. Another week of work, and paperwork, and school, and birthday parties, and have tos, and bills, and more have tos, and work and more work.

And another week of touching toes when we go to bed and holding hands as we fit just right and talk about the good of the day.

Another week of putting them to bed and feeling a peace, even if the rest of the day was hell, this one hour, there is peace, there are snuggles, there are books, and bedtime routines, and there is love.

What if love fixes all that is broken? What if it fixes all that is angry and loud? What if love made it all better and what if we pass love on to them.

This was the week of love and the week of reminding us that love needs to grow from us.

Love is the one thing they were born with. You could see it in their eyes when we held them, love is what they knew, all they knew when they rested on us. When they fit just right with us. Love is still what they know, it's what they realize will fix it, the broken, the angry, the loud. Love, it fixes us, it fixes the broken and I am so happy to be on this journey of love with you, all of you.

Love woke me up and made me fall in love with family, and simple, and boring, and have tos. Love makes me go to work and love my job. Love makes me love you, when it's hard, when it's impossible, when you make me run from love, love makes me run back with arms open.

Love, it fixes the broken.

It makes us touch toes when we go to bed and hold hands as we fit just right and talk about the good of the day.

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