It's late,
I am off to bed and there is one last check that I love to do.
With each of you.
My little faces.
It's the middle of the night and you're sound asleep.
And I snuggle right in.
And I whisper...
how much I love you,
how much you mean to me,
how sorry I am for my mistakes that day,
how much I wish I could take back that moment,
have a do-over on that argument,
handle your tantrum better.
I whisper that I carry your heart
and if I get you at just the right time, you whisper it back.
From your dreams.
You whisper to me from your dreams and I melt, fall in love all over again.
It's my most favorite and pure time.
It's when you seem most small to me.
It's when I feel most safe, most close, most like a mom, in all the right ways.
I whisper that I eat you up I love you so,
and you whisper back...mommy's sweet and low.
I tell you that I will miss you while we sleep,
you whisper you miss me too.
And I tell you that I love your face
and I hear in little voice whispers...I love your face.
And as you roll over, I think if you hear me in your dreams.
If you will ever remember.
So in case you don't, I am telling you now.
It's how we would say goodnight.
It's how I ended my day,
all curled up, snuggled next to you.
Holding your hand, and holding you tight,
watching you sleep,
pushing the hair away from your closed eyes.
Tracing your nose, and in whispers.
I would end my day with whispers and with you whispering back,
from your dreams.
And they are the moments I will remember always.


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