Wrapped up in 5

You came to us.
You were and are slow and deliberate.
You found your way.
You waited for the right time.

100_7241 100_7261

You were and are strong.
You were and are cautious.
You were and are unsure.
You were and are beauty and strength and small and the biggest accomplishment all wrapped in little clothes.

100_7517 100_7510

You were and are magnificent.
You were quiet.
You loved and love to sleep.
You were and are warm and soft and big eyed and small toes and little fingers and big yawns all wrapped in me.

100_7579 100_7422

You were and are precious.
You were and are love.
You were and are everything happy and scary and loving and good.
You were and are my warmth, my smile, my frustration, my joy, my tears, my sanity, my insanity, my screams, my softness, my love, all wrapped up in you.

Houser024 DSC_2231

And then...


it started to happen...

IMG_3551 IMG_3554

It was a slow process.
A milestone here.
A big step there.
Walking and talking and preschool and worksheets and learning numbers and letters and books and conversation.
But, all of a sudden, you were and are big.
Big sister, big words, big opinions, big ideas, big stories, big girl.
"Mom, I'm not your baby girl anymore..."

IMG_5438 IMG_5996

And on this day, I will remember our story.
I will remember rocking you to sleep through movement.
I will remember baby hiccups in my belly.
I will remember baby pictures that made you out...sort of.
I will remember that long day.
The full 24 hours of labor with you.
I will remember how deliberate you were and how I wasn't ready to let you go and share you.
I will always remember our days together.
I will remember your face when I held you for the first time and I will remember the day I fell deeply in love.
I will remember our feedings.
I will remember the comfort you brought and how at peace you allowed me to feel.
I will remember how right this felt.
I will remember my baby girl, even if she isn't a baby anymore.
I remember how and why you began.
I remember our journey and
I remember our story.

Oh, sweet baby girl, happy day to you. Happiest of days always.
May love always enter and exit your heart.
May you always be surrounded and wrapped in love.

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