You gotta get up!

"Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try, and try, and try...

If there is one thing I have to remember
one thing I have to keep telling myself
and keep telling you
it's that I am going to keep getting knocked down.
You are going to get knocked down too.
But, somehow, somewhere, at some point in time,
we all have to get back up.

You have to find your flame.
You have to keep trying.
And you have to get back up.

Days will feel heavy.
The weight will drag you down.
And, if you're like me, if your skin is as thin as mine, you'll be crushed.
But you have to get back up.

And, again, if you're like me,
it may take you a while.
It may take you a while to find your flame, your spirit.
But you have to get back up.

And I hope that you won't struggle with this as much as I do.
I hope you don't spend days lost in a fog of tears and doubt.
Because, too often, I lose myself.
I forget who I am.
I lose my happy.
I lose who I am.
I play the worthless victim.
I hear what others mean to be words but feel them like stabs.
I hear weakness in my voice.
I feel inadequate to the group.
I don't feel proud of me, or my ways.
I feel my losses, my inadequacy, I feel it all around me.
But you have to get back up.

I feel like I see it in everyone's eyes.
In their doubts in me too.
But you have to get back up.

Because the truth is,
you are accountable to you.
And maybe you will realize that you will never be able to please everyone.
But that's not what being strong means.
It means being sure of your choices.
Being sure of your mind, your body, your force, your fierce.
It means on the days, weeks, times that you feel too small,
too incompetent,
you get up.
You stop knocking yourself down because too many others are doing that for you.
You get up.
You do you.
You remind people what you are capable of.
You continue to build others around you too.
Because not knocking others down builds who you are.

You get up.
You find your desire.
You find your flame.
Keep moving.
Get up.

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